Shalom, I hope you enjoyed our previous Journal which featured on Samaria and Judea, our December edition that brings as to the close of an event-full year focuses on Jerusalem. In our social media we have the viral song sang by a South African Master KG that has seen many people dance to it “Jerusalem”, though oblivious of the importance of the city. A.I.I endeavors to underscore the significance of Israel to the church in Africa and the World. 2020 has made a major mark in beginning of a decade, if years had character most would describe the year 2020 as Villainous. But turning our eyes on Israel we find a contrary narrative in terms of its International relations, most notable Abrahamic accord in August 2020 with UAE, prior ot that in February 2020 we had Sudan to normalize relation with Israel while in September 2020 Kenya a public support for Israel notice was issued by US government and many other momentous breakthroughs witnessed during the year, I invite A.I.I Prophets and bible scholars to shed more light to our position in bible history. Welcome to our December Edition of A.I.J. Pastor Geoffrey Mabwai. Input your text here! The text element is intended for longform copy that could potentially include multiple paragraphs.