Mission Statement

“Now I will rescue you and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing!” Zechariah 8:13.

The fulfillments of the prophetic word are already happening in our time. Israel became a nation state again in 1948, and has since then become a source of innovation, development, security and blessing to the whole world. Africa is being transformed to the new center of Christianity, and will encompass the moral and ethical clarity to the global society as the fruits of years of revival throughout the sub-Saharan regions are being integrated into business, politics, industry and national and church leadership. In this time of history it is crucial for the churches to raise the importance of the state of Israel and the Jewish people to the community, and remember the words spoken to Abraham thousands of years ago: “Those who bless you I will bless.”

It is time for Africa to rise! It is time for Africa to claim: We have the blessing power! It is time to join with Gods people and release into Africa the riches and blessings that God decided to submit to the world through this people, as is obvious to the world counting Jewish Nobel Prizes and innovation to the world in modern time.

Strategic goal

Our National Directors and branches will achieve this goal in various ways according to national interests, needs and assets. Bilateral and regional strategic levels are being pursued in both public and private sectors. Church, business and governments are invited to partner in this endeavor of achieving progress, prosperity, freedom and peace.


The Africa-Israel Initiative wishes to serve as a liaison between common goods and blessings simply being a tool of positive development. We will facilitate meeting points and information platforms, and implement activities to reach our goals. Conferences, coordination and church partnerships will be initiated on both national and general levels.


Africa is rising! This is an African project in partnership with Israel. From the heart of south-Saharan Africa will blessings come forth. Therefore the Africa-Israel Initiative will seek funding within Africa. In partnership with African and Jewish interests our programs and projects will find it’s sources. Web donation is an option, and tithing and offerings within the churches brought to Zion. Please use our online donation, or contact your national director for contributions.


The Africa-Israel Initiative is created on a vision birthed in South Africa. The founders confirmed the vision, and decided to pursue the calling in obedience and faith.

The Initiative is organized in National Branches, Regional Directors, Executive Leadership and Board of Trustees. The whole idea is to release initiative and creativity in common unity and in national functionality. It is an organized network, always open to expand the network, and pursuing a common goal in unity and trust.

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